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Who is Graphicraft?
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Fast Service
We have a full broadband FTP hyperserver with 300 GB capacity for fast and efficient file transfer anywhere in the world. This means, when we say we provide you fast service, we mean fast service!

Printing Gurus
We have a very strong technical and production team with vast knowledge in the field of printing. From DTP artists to machine operators, we put the attention on delivering quality end-products.

Consistency in Color Reproduction
We run the most comprehensive color management system for all of our printers. Not only that, we regularly check all printouts with existing industry color standards

Up-to-Date Technology and Machineries
Most up to date software (CS3, Photoshop etc) and we run the best rip software available on this planet - Wasatch 6.2 & Onyx Colorip5.

Not only that, we are equipped with top of the line machineries for printing purposes, such as 10' 400 dpi Xaar printers, Rolands (6' & 8'), a high resolution Seiko printer, Auto Lamination machine and auto cutting machine.

Dedicated Personnel for Your Account
Dedicated customer service consultant to service you & keep you up to date on all print works. Not only that, we also have a quality control officer who will ensure that your product is produced and delivered following our strict quality standards.

Operating Hours
We are open 6 days a week from 9am - 6pm. And when we say "Open", we mean OPEN, with full facility operating that translates to the time we take to finish your product!

Our Lips are sealed
Our policy is to protect all customers. So you can be assured of confidentiality.

We have licenses from Ministry of Finance & Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

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